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phaeno – The World of Phenomena

Fire Tornado, photo: Lars Landmann

Come to phaeno and experience how tornados, anti-gravity forces, geysers and luminous gases can kindle your curiosity about the mysteries and phenomena of nature. There is something to discover for everyone – however old you are and whatever you know already. Best of all: you, the visitors, are called upon to play an active part in determining and influencing what happens.


phaeno Wolfsburg. Foto Klemens Ortmeyer

Robo Thespian. Foto Nina Stiller

Plasmakugel/Plasma Globe/Boule de plasma. Foto Nina Stiller

Bandgenerator/Van de Graaff Generator/Générateur de Van de Graaff. Foto Matthias Leitzke

Wolkenringe/Cloud Rings/Anneaux de brouillard. Foto Lars Landmann

Die Experimentierlandschaft/The Experimental Landscape/L'Exposition

Plasmakugel/Plasma Globe/Boule de plasma. Foto Volkswagen AG

Brückenbogen/Catenary Arch/Arche - chaînette inversée. Foto Matthias Leitzke

Nebeltornado/Fog Tornado/Tornade de brouillard. Foto Nina Stiller

Robo Thespian. Foto Matthias Leitzke

Laserlichtzauber/Laser Light Show/Show Laser. Foto Matthias Leitzke

VerrĂĽckter Salon/Wacky Salon/Salon fou. Foto Nina Stiller

Fliegender Teppich/Magic Carpet/Tapit volant. Foto Pohlmann

Gedämpfte Schwingung/Fading Motion/Oscillation amortie. Foto Matthias Leitzke

Rodeokreisel/Rodeo Gyroscope/Gyroscope rodéo. Foto Matthias Leitzke

Slow Bubbles. Foto Matthias Leitzke

String Theory. Foto Volkswagen AG

Innen oder Außen/Inside Out/Intérieur ou extérieur. Foto Matthias Leitzke

Heiss und Kalt/Hot and Cold/Chaud et froid. Foto Matthias Leitzke

Wasserparabel/Water Parabola/Parabole d'eau. Foto Matthias Leitzke

Prices and tickets

Single tickets
Adults: 13.50 €
Children under 6 years old: free admission
Children/young adults from 6 to 17 years of age: 8.50 €
Reduced admission*: 10.00 €


Family tickets
Small family ticket (1 adult + 2 children*): 21.00 €
Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children*): 31.00 €
– each additional child in the family: 2.50 €
Valid for (grand-)parents and their own (grand-)children


Group tickets (15 people or more; prior notification required)
Adults: 11.50 €
Children/young adults from 6 to 17 years of age: 6.50 € per person
Reduced*: 7.50 € per person

Groups are requested to give at least 7 days advance notice
under +49 (0)5361 / 890 100.

*Reduced admission granted on presentation of a valid document or pass: school students over 18 years, students, trainees/apprentices, senior citizens/pensioners, those in federal volunteer service, travel agency representatives, disabled persons (degree of disablement 80 % or more), social security cardholders and unemployed persons.

Subject to alterations!


The phaeno builing in the centre of Wolfsburg looks like a spacecraft that has just landed. Resting on its ten cone-shaped “feet”, the concrete structure spanning 154 metres seems to almost hover in the air.

Designed by the Iraq-born architect Zaha Hadid, the imposing structure sits enthroned high above street-level. The exhibition space, resting on conic supports and sublimely illuminated, emerged as the victorious project from an international competition staged in 2000. The London-based architect has devised a home for phaeno that breaks with many conventions and that liberates the area beneath it as a kind of urban space in the form of a covered artificial landscape with gently undulating hills and valleys. Since November 2005, the futuristic apparition has been raising eyebrows in amazement and making eyes gleam with awe among passers-by.

The inside of phaeno seems to be from another world as well: a free-flowing space framed by cast concrete. Without any right angles. Entwined over several levels. An ideal location for adventurers and discoverers. And a fantastic achievement of the London-based architect Zaha Hadid.

Interested in a conducted tour on the impressive architecture? 

Service hotline

Tourismus-Information Wolfsburg
Fon.: +49 5361 / 899 930


phaeno is adjacent to Wolfsburg central station. You can easily reach Wolfsburg by ICE high-speed train from Berlin and Hannover.

90 steps is the distance from the station to the main entrance, 3,800 steps the equivalent of the distance from the A39 motorway exit to phaeno. What do we learn from that? Distance is relative. And the way to phaeno isn't very far!

Address: Willy-Brandt-Platz 1, 38440 Wolfsburg

phaeno gGmbH | Willy-Brandt-Platz 1 | 38440 Wolfsburg