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phaeno – The World of Phenomena

Fire Tornado, photo: Lars Landmann

Come to phaeno and experience how tornados, anti-gravity forces, geysers and luminous gases can kindle your curiosity about the mysteries and phenomena of nature. There is something to discover for everyone – however old you are and whatever you know already. Best of all: you, the visitors, are called upon to play an active part in determining and influencing what happens.


phaeno Wolfsburg. Foto Klemens Ortmeyer

Robo Thespian. Foto Nina Stiller

Plasmakugel/Plasma Globe/Boule de plasma. Foto Nina Stiller

Bandgenerator/Van de Graaff Generator/Générateur de Van de Graaff. Foto Matthias Leitzke

Wolkenringe/Cloud Rings/Anneaux de brouillard. Foto Lars Landmann

Die Experimentierlandschaft/The Experimental Landscape/L'Exposition

Plasmakugel/Plasma Globe/Boule de plasma. Foto Volkswagen AG

Brückenbogen/Catenary Arch/Arche - chaînette inversée. Foto Matthias Leitzke

Nebeltornado/Fog Tornado/Tornade de brouillard. Foto Nina Stiller

Robo Thespian. Foto Matthias Leitzke

Laserlichtzauber/Laser Light Show/Show Laser. Foto Matthias Leitzke

VerrĂĽckter Salon/Wacky Salon/Salon fou. Foto Nina Stiller

Fliegender Teppich/Magic Carpet/Tapit volant. Foto Pohlmann

Gedämpfte Schwingung/Fading Motion/Oscillation amortie. Foto Matthias Leitzke

Rodeokreisel/Rodeo Gyroscope/Gyroscope rodéo. Foto Matthias Leitzke

Slow Bubbles. Foto Matthias Leitzke

String Theory. Foto Volkswagen AG

Innen oder Außen/Inside Out/Intérieur ou extérieur. Foto Matthias Leitzke

Heiss und Kalt/Hot and Cold/Chaud et froid. Foto Matthias Leitzke

Wasserparabel/Water Parabola/Parabole d'eau. Foto Matthias Leitzke


The phaeno builing in the centre of Wolfsburg looks like a spacecraft that has just landed. Resting on its ten cone-shaped “feet”, the concrete structure spanning 154 metres seems to almost hover in the air.

Designed by the Iraq-born architect Zaha Hadid, the imposing structure sits enthroned high above street-level. The exhibition space, resting on conic supports and sublimely illuminated, emerged as the victorious project from an international competition staged in 2000. The London-based architect has devised a home for phaeno that breaks with many conventions and that liberates the area beneath it as a kind of urban space in the form of a covered artificial landscape with gently undulating hills and valleys. Since November 2005, the futuristic apparition has been raising eyebrows in amazement and making eyes gleam with awe among passers-by.

The inside of phaeno seems to be from another world as well: a free-flowing space framed by cast concrete. Without any right angles. Entwined over several levels. An ideal location for adventurers and discoverers. And a fantastic achievement of the London-based architect Zaha Hadid.

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