Kapla - creativity and art

50,000 Kapla bricks will be available for you to build with at phaeno from 1 May until the end of the summer holidays (Lower Saxony) on 4 August 2024.

Although the Kapla bricks made of pine wood look a little plain at first, you can create incredible things with them. From small buildings to large works of art, there are no limits to your creativity.


Kapla - popular with young and old.

"Building blocks" have a special attraction even for the youngest children. Building something, breaking it and recreating it again - this has a very special appeal and is important for development.

Children's joy of discovery plays an important role in building and constructing. And even later, children enjoy creating something themselves and seeing how they can help shape their world. The older the creative creators get, the more complex the constructions can become.

In addition to creativity, Kapla building blocks promote the ability to concentrate, dexterity, logical thinking and fine motor skills of young and old "master builders".

Do not stack too deep.

Just start. If you are building with Kapla for the first time, start small. Start with small towers or houses. The more time you have, the more you can experiment. Soon your towers will become higher and higher and the buildings more and more complex.

We are happy to give you time from 1 May until the end of the summer holidays (Lower Saxony). Then you can build until the last stone has been laid or the phaeno closes.

There are no limits to your imagination: whether it's a small hut, long bridges, huge towers or magnificent buildings - almost anything is possible with these building blocks. Even animals such as lions or panda bears, but also robots, your favourite comic or film characters or pure fantasy creations can be built.


Detailed templates and constructions, which are presented at phaeno, provide ideas for building. In addition, trained helpers from the phaeno team support the young and old master builders throughout the programme.


Did you know?

Kapla was used in the construction of a castle in the southern French department of Aveyron. The client, Tom van der Bruggen, wanted the castle to be built entirely according to his wishes. He therefore began to model his castle using conventional wooden blocks and was very dissatisfied with the result. So he invented the practical shape of the Kapla bricks. All Kapla bricks are exactly 117 mm long, 23.4 mm wide and 7.8 mm high. All aspect ratios are proportional to each other. The length, width and height are 15 to 3 to 1, which means, for example, that three Kapla bricks laid flat on top of each other are as high as one brick is wide.

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FAQ about the children's area.

No, use of the children's area is generally already included in your ticket. Exception: If you want to use the lower level of the children's area exclusively, you can book this area with a group (e.g. daycare centre or pre-school class or similar) for one hour. Tuesday to Friday, 9.15 am to 10.15 am, €3.00 per person.

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