World Quantum Day.

Quantum technology could open up completely new possibilities in data storage, measurement technology and medicine. But what exactly are quanta and what is so special about them? Immerse yourself in the world of quanta. Exciting experimental stations and experts await you on Quantum Day on 14 April 2024.

Quantum experiment stations.

You can discover the strange properties of quanta at various experimental stations: you can teleport quanta in an augmented reality application. You can also create a very special phenomenon known as "entangled quanta" and capture small electrically charged particles in an ion trap. All three experiments represent the key building blocks of the quantum computing world .

Man with VR glasses touches an exhibit.

New artwork and laser exhibit.

New art exhibit in the exhibition.

For the first time, the interactive artwork Quantum Jungle by Robin Baumgarten gives you the opportunity to playfully experience the properties of the quantum world. The wall is filled with metal springs and thousands of LEDs. Depending on how you touch the metal springs, light effects become visible.

In addition, a variable nitrogen and dye laser - applications of quantum technology - will be presented to you for the first time as an exhibit.

Many thanks to the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation for making the exhibit possible.

Quantum Jungle by Robin Baumgarten.