The explorer app.

The EntdeckerApp can be used not only at phaeno, but everywhere. It gives you access to sensors built into your smartphone that most people don't even realise exist. Measurements are taken with the camera, microphone, brightness sensor, magnetic field sensor, tilt sensor, acceleration sensor and rotation rate sensor.

From the analogue to the digital discovery tour.

The explorer app gives you access to the sensors built into your smartphone. You can use the sensors to detect magnetic fields, for example, or measure the acceleration and rotation rate. Try out the sensors on selected exhibits at phaeno. Various discovery tours are available to you in the app. These provide you with detailed information about the exhibits and experiments.

Digital media for the classroom.

Digital media enrich lessons: they motivate and also offer many opportunities for individualisation and cooperative learning. In science lessons in particular, experimentation is supported with modern methods and the results are even saved straight away - handy, isn't it?

In the exhibition, pupils can, for example, place their mobile phones on a pendulum and measure the oscillation, record the tumbling in the vertigo tunnel, capture a bird on camera or record the rotation rate of the rodeo gyroscope. It gets particularly exciting when students use the app to make the invisible visible -wow effect included!

All measurements are clearly summarised and can be provided with text and audio comments. This documentation makes it easy to create test protocols. The content can also be exported in full as an (operating system-independent) web page. The value tables of the measurements can be further processed in a spreadsheet such as Excel.

The Entdecker app is suitable for pupils from year 6 upwards.

Simply download the app.

The phaeno EntdeckerApp is available for Android in the Google Play Store and for iOS in the Apple Store free of charge and ad-free and can be used anywhere. An internet connection is not required to use the app. You can still use the Wi-Fi at phaeno for the discovery tour.

A limited number of rental devices are available for school classes at phaeno, which can be reserved before the visit at the phaeno Service Centre on 05361. 890 100. To use the app outside of phaeno, we always recommend using your own devices.

How to use the explorer app.

Using the phaeno EntdeckerApp and the sensors in your smartphone, you can record and document exciting physical phenomena. Using the example of an explorer tour integrated into the app, we show in the tutorial how you can measure magnetic fields, then save them and send them as a log by email. You can use the Entdecker app to record photos and videos as well as audio for documentation purposes. You can enter your notes on the experiment in the text field. All recordings are editable and can be changed afterwards. You can use the EntdeckerApp at home or at school.

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