3D image of the phaeno exhibition


Curiosity is the driving force and motivation behind everything we do.

Curiosity opens up new paths, makes us think differently and drives us to constantly develop our exhibition further.

Curiosity is the spark that sparks our guests, because we are courageous, open and self-confident.

We want to know, experiment and inspire.

An adventure landscape for extraordinary phenomena.

Star architect Zaha Hadid designed the exhibition level like a moving landscape with craters, terraces and plateaus. This extraordinary architecture illustrates how knowledge is structured in our country: without predetermined paths, you can stroll from one phenomenon to another and stumble across things that you may not even have been looking for.

Experience surprising moments. Let yourself be amazed. Solve scientific puzzles. This sudden emotional reaction awakens the spirit of discovery and paves the way for further exploration of the phenomenon.

View of the exhibition from the Science Centre

The other view - works of art provoke new thoughts.

The works of art, which make up around 10% of the exhibits, contribute to this in particular. Created by renowned international artists - most of them especially for the phaeno exhibition - they appeal to all the senses with their extraordinary aesthetics. The installations move in the field of tension between art and science and provoke further questions that lead to new thoughts and discoveries.

That is what our Science Centre is all about: questions are more important than answers! We believe in the individual's capacity for knowledge. In the path from the question to your own answer.

Forget about time and set off in search of ever new secrets, questions and answers!

Plasma ball with lightning

Let your curiosity run wild, go on an adventure trip through the world of our "phenomena" in an extraordinary architecture that has been specially created for this purpose. Put your senses to the test at extraordinary experimental stations, gain new experiences and ultimately uncover the secrets of science and technology. The opportunity to understand and scrutinise things and processes independently is what phaeno is all about.

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