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Is what we see true? That's the big question in the OPTICKS area. Discover amazing optical illusions, colourful shadows, bizarre reflections and play with light experiments.


Light & vision.

Discover how colour vision works or change the colour of a parrot using only your sense of sight. Learn more about the limited possibilities of vision and perception. Be deceived by optical illusions. Reach into the void where you actually see a feather. Opticks is colourful and incredibly fun.

There is so much to discover here: for example "Lightstick", an exhibit by Bill Bell, which only reveals its secret through experimentation. By moving your eyes, you suddenly perceive hidden images in a flickering row of lights. The movement causes light stimuli to act on different parts of the retina, which are then combined to form an image.

Spectral Landscape.

A highlight in the Opticks - Light & Vision area is the Spectral Landscape art installation by American artist Pete Stephens. Sunlight is diffracted through the windows of the south façade using special foils, transforming parts of the exhibition into an impressive sea of colour.