The world of phenomena.

An adventure trip for the curious.

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You can experience exciting scientific and technical phenomena at over 300 exhibits, in spectacular science shows, Hands-on labs, workshops, training courses and tours. At the phaeno Science Museum, you are an explorer yourself.

Explore our exhibits - touching and trying them out is definitely encouraged.

Track down the secrets of nature and technology and experience them with all your senses. Discovering the secrets of our phenomena alone will wow you and increase your learning effect.

Investigate - tinker - discover - you can do this in many areas and topics at the Science Centre.

  • Maths, opticks, excitement

  • Smart new world

  • LifeLab, CellLab and TechLab

  • Air and life

  • Special exhibitions WahnSinn and Power2Change

At phaeno, everyone learns through play: through the direct experience of natural phenomena, through art exhibits, through experimentation in laboratories, through dialogue with family and friends.

Orientation plan

Science - truly magical.

Blue flashes follow the slow movements of the hand on the glass surface of the plasma ball. But what exactly does the plasma sphere invented by Nikola Tesla in 1892 show us?

The sphere is filled with a gas mixture that is also responsible for the colours of the flashes: Neon. With a proportion of 80 - 90 %, neon produces the bright glow, xenon (approx. 10 %) causes the blue colour. Oxygen and nitrogen in very small quantities influence the shapes of the flashes. By placing your hand on it, you change the electric field.

Fire tornado.

The fire tornado is an impressive column of fire 6 metres high, which is regularly ignited by a phaeno employee. Ignited paraffin rises upwards in a rising, rotating vortex of air. This air vortex is created by air being blown in a tangential direction from four pillars standing in a circle. Air is also extracted from the upper end of the fire tornado, creating an upward flow.

The phaeno indoor fire tornado is the highest fire tornado in Europe.

Small yellow chair.

At phaeno, you will also come across works of art time and again, such as the "Little Yellow Chair" by Arthur Ganson - where art and technology meet. Six mechanical arms are attached to the wall. An individual part of a yellow chair is attached to each of these arms. These arms are connected to each other and to a motor via cogwheels and chains. This drives a system in which the chair is assembled, stops briefly and then flies apart again.


Metal construction

Small Comets - Icy Bodies.

This fascinating exhibit is reminiscent of the cosmic spectacle of a comet shower: Pieces of dry ice fall into a pool of water at regular intervals, react abruptly on contact with the water, are set spinning and accompanied by swirling clouds of mist. The gas escaping from the small openings gives the pieces a lateral drive and they begin to spin in unpredictable directions.

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