Children's area

Children's area.

Little explorers make it big.

Permanent exhibitionincluded in the day ticket

With the children's area, we offer our youngest guests their very own space to experiment, marvel and discover. Spread over three levels with a total of 550 square metres and at a height of up to 6 metres, it is a real paradise of discovery for 3 to 8-year-old children. The climbing sculpture takes centre stage - great fun with the best view of the entire phaeno.

Climbing sculpture with 80 metre ball track.

In the entrance area, the new climbing sculpture invites visitors to explore from afar. It is spanned by an 80 metre long spherical track with water ball-sized balls. From the top platforms of the climbing sculpture, children have a unique view and can marvel at the experimental landscape from above.

Girl on the climbing sculpture in the children's area

Climbing for development.

While climbing, the children not only train their motor skills, but also have lots of fun experimenting: how can I communicate with those below through tubes, how can I look into other levels of the climbing sculpture with periscopes, how can I illuminate the other climbers with a kind of searchlight using simple mirror reflections - questions that the children can solve all by themselves in their own climbing area.

The new large sculpture with ball track can only be found in this combination at phaeno throughout Europe.


Childlike joy of discovery.

On the middle level, the atmosphere is quieter so that children can concentrate on each individual exhibit. Small and large wooden marble runs by French artist Pierre Andrès have been designed with great imagination and attention to detail, for example as an elephant or an obstacle course, and invite children to play. Several experiments on topics such as light and shadow amaze the children, pose riddles and are simply fun. The children use colourful glow sticks to create colourful patterns and glowing images or use an overhead projector to examine the shadows of wooden and Perspex shapes.

Little boy at the wooden ball track in the children's area at phaeno

Comes with ...

Children are so curious! And that's exactly where the concept comes in: On a total of three levels, children can touch, turn over, take apart and try out, build and test everything. The little ones can playfully discover the world around them and learn in the process. Child-appropriate exhibits and a protected space support the joy of playing and experimenting in an age-appropriate way. Early support in the STEM subjects is particularly important to us.

Great experimental fun.

There's lots to discover on all 3 levels: Climbing fun on the top level including a fun airmail. On the second level, wooden marble runs, pegging games and many other child-friendly exhibits for fine motor skills and STEM development take centre stage. On the lower level of the children's area, there are wooden toys, a reading corner and countless everyday objects - such as clothes pegs, corks and buttons - which children can use freely and experiment with at their own pace. Variable activity trays with exciting child-orientated challenges round off the offer.

Exclusive children's area.

Would you like to use the lower level in the children's area exclusively for a day-care centre group, pre-school class or school beginners? No problem - book exclusively for your group at the Service Centre on 05361. 890 100.
Tuesday to Friday, 9:15 to 10:15 a.m., €3.00 per person

FAQ about the children's area.

The children's area is ideal for children aged 3 to 8 years.

No, use of the children's area is generally already included in your ticket. Exception: If you want to use the lower level of the children's area exclusively, you can book this area with a group (e.g. daycare centre or pre-school class or similar) for one hour. Tuesday to Friday, 9.15 am to 10.15 am, €3.00 per person.

If you go up the escalator, you will come straight to it. You can't really miss the large climbing frame.

It depends on the age. There are many exhibits in the exhibition that are also suitable for younger guests: In the Optics area, there are many exhibits that are not only really fun, but where children can learn all kinds of things about optical phenomena such as shadow and light play. The little ones also learn a lot about their own senses in the WahnSinn exhibition. It's best to ask the colleagues in the exhibition what is best suited for your child.

We have different programmes for children's birthday parties in which the kids can explore the entire phaeno. Take a look at our programme for children's birthday parties.

The children's area on the lowest level can also be booked exclusively, but only Tuesday to Friday, 9.15 to 10.15 a.m., €3.00 per person .

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