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How do you pack LEGO® frogs in your hand luggage on an aeroplane?

Round, square, large, small, illuminated - billions of LEGO® bricks have been sold worldwide to date. In the phaenoBRICKS special exhibition, we show you how they are turned into incredible buildings, landscapes, moving figures and much more. Get to know members of the fan groups - such as Taylor Heanue from Boston. 

phaenoBricks - when Lego® fans from all over the world meet.

Frogs eating a fly with relish, people watching a ball during a tennis match and magicians pulling something surprising out of their hats - Taylor Heanue from Boston will be bringing around 10 works with him to Wolfsburg for the LEGO® fan exhibition phaenoBricks, which starts on 24 February. However, he is currently busy packing his works so that he can take them with him on the plane. And that's not so easy. Because true LEGO® fans don't glue anything together. So all the pieces can fall apart. What's more, you can't take too much with you on the plane. Even if you include hand luggage. He will need a lot of time for these logistics.

Tennis stadium made from Lego bricks

Shortly before the exhibition, however, he booked an appointment for me. Thanks to Google, we also managed the time difference well and were able to meet for a short video call in front of the screen. For Taylor, it's just 10 o'clock in the morning. For me, on the other hand, the clock is already showing 4 pm. Of course, after greeting him, I start the conversation by asking how he actually became a LEGO®builder. Of course, he started building with the colourful bricks at the age of four. But then the now 48-year-old took a long break. It wasn't until he was an adult that he returned to building. He was inspired by Teun de Wijs from Amsterdam, whose works can also be seen at the LEGO® fan exhibition at phaeno. The trained mechanical engineer is particularly fond of Teun's works, as they also move with ingenious tricks. YouTube is of course another huge source of inspiration for him. But realising his own idea is a completely different matter. Taylor has spent months tinkering with many of his works. Of course, there are now also tools available on websites. These help you to make a drawing and order the right parts. But then things don't always work out the way you thought they would and you have to keep working.

Man with a Lego figure on his shoulder

Taylor, who has two children, prefers to tinker with the mechanics of the movements late at night in peace and quiet. He has also inspired his 10-year-old son with his passion. He will also be bringing two of his works to the phaeno. Included in the selection is also an object that deals with an exhibit from the phaeno. He didn't want to tell me exactly which one that would be. I am very excited about it. Taylor has already taken part in several exhibitions in the USA and Europe. But this is the first time his works have been shown in Germany. He visited phaeno once before, in 2022, when he was at an exhibition in the Netherlands. When I talk to him about his visit, he goes into raptures. The incredible building and the many extraordinary exhibits had already mesmerised him back then. He particularly likes the artistic exhibits such as the little yellow chair or Secret Life.

He always wants to tell a little story with his LEGO®creations. He is already looking forward to socialising with other master builders and fans during the exhibition. After all, the best way to see the effect of the works at exhibitions is to be there live.

We are excited!


Buildings and photos: Frog and tennis match by Taylor Heanue; bathtub by Teun de Wijs.

A man made of Lego sits in a bathtub made of Lego bricks

phaenoBricks can be seen at phaeno on 24/25 February and 02/03 March.

Numerous members of the Steineland Harz + Heide fan group will be available to provide information on both weekends.

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